Values & Services

Getting Indigenous clean energy projects to go.


Lumos Energy aims help clean energy projects develop in a way that maximizes benefits for Indigenous communities, partners, and investors. We also offer strategic insights and analysis for governments and electricity companies to promote an energy future that is inclusive of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. A set of ethical values frame our strategies, practices, and operations in this work. We have seven guiding values:

  1. Indigenous Leadership. Empowering Indigenous peoples as leaders in the transition to a clean energy future.

  2. Honesty. Building honest relationships with Indigenous communities and others in the clean energy sector.

  3. Impact. Driving positive social and economic outcomes with Indigenous communities through strategic clean energy advice.

  4. Sustainability. Working towards a 100% renewable energy future for Canada while leaving a small footprint today.

  5. Collaboration. Sharing clean energy information and working together with others, particularly Indigenous communities.

  6. Community. Enabling communities to be project owners and create local benefits for the short and long term.

  7. Youth. Supporting young Indigenous people seeking a future and career in the clean energy sector.


Acting on these values, Lumos Energy offers a set of 'Core Clean Energy Services' to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities and other organizations.  These services are described below along with relevant highlights from Lumos project experience.


Clean Energy Project Assessment & Development

  • Risk, ROI, and economic analysis

  • Project development plans and management

  • Regulatory and policy requirements

Project Experience

In 2016, Lumos created off the 20/20 Catalysts Program, an Indigenous clean energy capacity building program, now run through the Indigenous Clean Energy Social Enterprise.

Community Energy Planning & Implementation Strategies

  • Region/Community Planning

  • Stakeholder/Partner Engagement

  • Implementation Strategies

Project Experience

Lumos led the development of the Nunatsiavut Energy Security Plan and the Arctic Community Energy Planning Toolkit.


Community Engagement & Clean Energy Literacy

  • Youth-focused energy education sessions

  • Community engagement processes

  • Clean Energy Forums

Project Experience

Lumos has supported communities in running community engagement sessions with Tsay Keh Dene Nation, Lubicon Lake Band, and others.

Clean Energy Project Benefits - Identification & Realization

  • Maximizing Indigenous employment opportunities

  • Economic and cultural integration

  • Community trusts

Project Experience

Lumos has identified innovative ways to promote local employment and training and ensures clean energy project budgets include dedicated amounts for culture and arts.

Project Partnership Establishment

  • Partnership negotiations

  • Clean Energy Agreements

  • Partnership structuring

Project Experience

Lumos has worked with communities to identify, assess, and formalize project partners on hydro projects, solar-micro grids, and other renewable energy projects.

Project Structuring & Governance Systems

  • Enhancing Indigenous project leadership

  • Structuring for financial security

  • Project development and operation arrangements

Project Experience

Lumos has provided strategic governance guidance to projects across Canada to ensure communities financial interests are properly safeguarded in project development.


Providing trusted, qualified, and expert advice to First Nations, Métis and Inuit leaders and communities across Canada.